Free condoms

Free condoms delivered straight to your Norwegian mailing address.

You only pay for a normal Norwegian text message and receive 15 condoms within 7 days. You simply need to choose your preferred condom type and fill in your contact information. After submitting the form, you confirm your order by replying to the text message you receive.

1.Choose a condom

2. Fill in your contact information

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Latex allergy warning!

Some people can have an allergic reaction to latex and cannot use the condoms we send out. School health centres and local health centres for young people can provide you with latex-free condoms free of charge. You can also purchase latex-free condoms at pharmacies and in some grocery stores.

The condoms are sent in a discreet padded envelope and delivered within one week of order confirmation. The phone number you use to confirm your order with will be visible on the envelope in the line above your name after the two letters.